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Twilight Costume Guide for Girls
Dress as Bella Swan from Twilight on her wedding day. Look your best as Bella Swan on her wedding day with the twilight Bella Swan dress guide. Dress like Bella on her wedding day with every minute detail. This Twilight dress up guide even explains to the reader where to get the props for the costumes. Links are provided to affordable options for props such as: the wedding dress, the actual replica of the wedding ring, and other acssesories.

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Bella Swan as a Bride

bella costume wedding dress The dress
There are so many visions, dreams, and thoughts about the legendary Bella Swan Wedding dress, but the picture on the left is a good demonstration as to what the book describes the dress to look like. It is white, with a long train, and frilly, girly, and all together, beautiful.

To look like Bella on her wedding day for a party, or twilight related event, you probably won't want to go out and buy a real wedding dress. So, the suggestion is to find an incredibly fancy white dress, and look everywhere. For example,This amazing dress Can be great for a costume or even prom! Also, to complete the wedding look, here are a great selection of veils.

For accessories, you could wear silver jewelry, like a pretty silver necklace , and a few braclets. And if your costume is feeling bear, add a boquet of flowers, real or fake it really doesn't matter, whatever give it the bride feeling.

If you have anything more Bella-Like feel free to add it into the costume.

bella wedding ring The Wedding Ring
This next part of the costume is really cool because if you go to stores you can buy The actual prop ring from the movie! The picture on the right shows the replica of the wedding ring.

The ring in Breaking Dawn is desribed truly as the most beautiful piece of jewelry ever created, mostly because the story is told from Bella's eyes. The fictional ring is most-likely white gold with huge diamonds, (tons of karats). But you should try to find a cheap ring that is some sort of metal, or plastic, and rhinestones.

You can really have fun and get creative with this element of Bella as a bride costume. So have fun and use these tips and tricks to make your selfe look like bella as a bride.