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Hey Twilight fans! There are som many new Twilight movie Stills that are coming out daily. Here at the New Movie Stills page, you can check out when new images are published to the web before anyone else. An Up to the minuet online database of all new Twilight movie stills that continuously changes, and is upgraded!
November 8, 2008

We all know that you have been waiting for Entertainment Weekly to come out with more Twilight editions for you, well, here's three to sink your teeth into!

Kristen Stewart Entertainment Weekly

Rob Pattinson Kristen Stewart Entertainment Weekly

Rob Pattinson Entertainment Weekly

Of course, here is Robert Pattinson in all of his Edward amazingness! All of these issues are totally vamptastic and you should go out and pick up a copy of them because they are collectors editions.

vanity fair photo shoot

Here is a shot from the Vanity Fair photo shoot. All of the stars of twilight got to get and had a great time taking pictures for Vanity Fair and the upcoming twilight movie.
October 21, 2008

Today we have some more new movie stills coming at you, so brace yourselves! These images are in a separate archive (just for new movie stills), and will be featured on this pages as they are released. We are now exactly ONE MONTH from the Twilight movie!

Rosalie Playing Baseball

Of the two new images, they are both of Rosalie, playing baseball. here you can see this headshot of her ready to score!

Rosalie Playing Baseball

Here is another image of Rosalie, and this time, you can see her on the plate ready to bat. This image also reveals Esme Cullen behind her.
October 20, 2008

Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore new twilight stills, more coe out! It has been a REALLY busy month for the Twilight saga, with new pictures. Here are some from the Ballet studio Scene, and the Cafeteria.

alice cullen

Here is Alice Cullen in the Cafeteria. She looks like she is having a bad day.

alice jasper emmett fight

Here are Emmett, Alice, and Jasper fighting against James in the Ballett Studio scene. I think that this scene is going to be INTENSE!
emmett Rosalie cafeteria

In this picture, Emmett and Roseale are wrapped around each other in the Forks High School cafeteria.
October 15, 2008

A few new Twilight movie stills have been released today, and they sure are EXCELLENT! There's some of the Cullen couples like Emmett and Rosalie, and Alice and Jasper. There is also a flashback of when Dr. Cullen changed Esme.

Alice and Jasper

Here are Alice and Jasper Cullen in the Cullen's mansion. This is a super new image! Enjoy.

Bella at School

This is Bella Swan in the parking lot at Forks High School. It is always super windy and cold, so she will always be sporting her heavy winter jacket!

Esme being changed

Here is another flashback scene from the new twilight movie, that includes Esme being changed by Dr. Cullen.
October 14, 2008

Today we have some juicy new photos from the latest releases!

Edward Hospital Bed

This is from a flashback scene that has just been recently shot. Edward was dying from Spanish influenza back in the 1900's!

Cullens lunch Table

Here is the infamous Cullen Luch table, where no one dares to sit, except fot the five hottest kids in the school!

Edward and Bella at prom

This is Edward holding Bella tight on the night of their prom. The movie really makes the prom glam, by adding a beautifully lit gazebo, and hundreds of sparkling lights.

New Stills from Ropeofsilicon

Esme and Carlise

This still is of Esme and Carlise and how they look " suprisingly normal " .

Bella ready for prom

Bella is all ready to go to prom, but cannot leave without Charlie saying goodbye! Edward is also looking amazing in this new still!