Twilight Fun: Cullen Carscullen cars

Twilight Fun: Cullen Cars

Twilight the movie Cullen Cars. There are many cars in this movie which are mentioned and used frequently in this book, and movie. Check out Bella's truck, Edward's Volvo, Emmett's Jeep, or Alice's yellow Porsche. Look at all of the cars from the books Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.
Bella's Truck
Owner: Bella Swan.
Model: 1953, Chevrolet Pickup truck. Red
Book: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse
Car Info: Although this pick up is old, it has its own sort of charm. Bella said herself, that it had potential, even if it was only in a nickname for the " The thing" that was sitting in Charlie's driveway. The truck is also great for Bella because it is so big and if she were to get into an accident, the car that hit the truck would be totaled, and the truck would drive away with a scratch.

Edward's Volvo
Owner: Edward Cullen.
Model: Volvo S60 R.
Book: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.
Car Info: Edward's Volvo is used in all of the movies, and is not only expensive and cool, but it is super fast, and not to mention, shiny! This car is perfect for Edward, because it is the best car for people who want to drive fast, and safe, which it what Edward is all about.

Carlisle's Mercedes Benz
Owner: Carlisle.
Model: Mercedes S55 AMG.
Book: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.
Car Info: Carlisle's Mercedes Benz is a speedy, expensive, luxurious car that he uses to transport the Cullens around the world on their various adventures. Again, this is a car built for speed, and luxury, but still, at the same time is safe and performs at a high class level. It also has a Linguatronic Voice recognition system which controls audio, navigation and even cell phone calls. Rosealie's BMW
Owner: Rosalie.
Model: BMW M3 convertible.
Book: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.
Car Info: This car is super cute and sporty, and it goes perfectly with the pale, beautiful Cullens siting in it. It is a high performance car and it is super speedy car.
Emmett Jeep
Owner: Emmett Cullen.
Model: Jeep Wrangler.
Book: Twilight, New Moon.
Car Info: This huge Jeep is great for speed, and riding through dirt mounds on dangerous trails. This is a truck perfect for Emmett because he is so big and strong, that this would be the only car that could hold him! Bella's description of the car pretty much describes it as an incredibly dangerous off-road vehicle.

Alice's Porsche
Owner: Alice Cullen.
Model: Porsche 911 Turbo.
Book: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.
Car Info: This car is a sports car that was built for legal street racing. This car is extremely fast, and powerful, kind of like the Cullens, and Vampires! The body is very distinctive, and aerodynamically sound, and some of the included featured in this car are illegal in some countries. This car is extremely dangerous to try, so it's a good thing that a vampire was driving!

Jacob's Rabbit
Owner: Jacob Black.
Model: Volkswagen Rabbit.
Book: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.
Car info: Although this car is old and considered to be fairly cheap, it still has a high performance, and has a killer smooth ride! That's probably why Jacob wanted to rebuild it in the first place.