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Twilight Saga Movies: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 Photos, videos, and news about new Twilight saga movies. Here you will find everything that you need for the Twilight Saga movies. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2. There is the latest movie news, a photo gallery, entertaining videos, and fun downloads that are all related to the Twilight Saga movies. Discover free wallpapers, icons, videos,and t-shirts to support your twilight addiction. Become a true twilight freak at!

Twilight Movie Twilight The Movie
Release Date (US): November 21, 2008
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Twilight the movie; the first movie in the Twilight Saga is the movie that started it all. Here you will discover everything that you need to know to be a true fan of the Twilight Saga.
You can check out the movie summary, get exclusive downloads, videos, and images from the Twilight movie. Also view cast interviews know about the action on and off set with details and information from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and more! Check out Twilight movie promotional images and movie photos along with teaser trailers and movie clips. Somtimes it can be fun to go back and enjoy content from one of your favorite movies and relive the excitment that came with the movie premiere and release! The fun doesn't stop there. You can also look up the cast bios of the characters of the original Twilight Saga movie and learn information about them. Don't forget about the Twilight Saga movie news page; look back at archived news and reminisce about the first Twilight Saga movie.
New Moon Movie New Moon The Movie
Release Date (US): November 20, 2009
Director: Chris Weitz
New Moon the movie, the second, and most challenging movie in all of the Twilight Saga movies. Enjoy all of the extras from the cast and crew, tons of photos from the movie, and all of the media coverage from the various events. There are also exclusive New Moon movie wallpapers, icons/avatars for social networking, and cast bios for every New Moon actor. Also, enjoy a New Moon movie summary that describes the movie details just in case you want to refresh your memory. Become involved in the Twilight Saga community by using the New Moon movie party theme tips. With the use of the exclusive New Moon party ideas, you could be the coolest Twilight Freak around!

eclipse movie photos cast Eclipse The Movie
Release Date (US): June 30, 2010
Director: David Slade
Eclipse the movie content on Twilight Freak, enjoy the movie trailer for the third movie, and take the ultimate Eclipse movie quiz to see if you really know everything about that Twilight Saga movie! Experience all the action as the temperatures rise in the third and most action-packed Twilight Saga movie yet. There is much more Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, and Bella Swan in this movie, and a suprise twist ending leaves fans dying for more! Check out a brief summany of the movie on the Eclipse movie page.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Breaking Dawn Movie: Part 1
Release Date (US): November 18, 2011
Director: Bill Condon
The Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie is one of the most complicated and emotional of them all. Enjoy personalized quizzes and the movie summary while visiting this Twilight Saga movie page! Get ready for the next adventure in Bella and Edward's journey: Marriage! You'll relive the excitment of the wedding, honeymoon, and baby! But just remember, this happy family picture cannot last without a little controversy. Try having vampires, werewolves, and human all against you! Yikes! Check out the movie trailer, exclusive quizzes, and photos form the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn movie Part 1.